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Embossed Soap

Australian Natural embossed soap is made 100% from pure plant oils and includes no parabens, petro chemicals, or sulphates. The combination of plant oils, shea butter, plant glycerin, produces a luxurious soap that feels rich and creamy. Add those ingredients to our time-tested french milling process and you get a soap that lasts a long time.

The 200mg unwrapped embossed bars are available in 5 distinct varieties: almond, shea butter, frangipani, pear, and olive oil. With each bar, you are getting an affordable natural soap made with the highest quality ingredients. Once you feel the rejuvenating, creamy lather and enjoy the incredible luscious fragrances, you will never want to go back to regular soap.
Almond & Milk 200g (8 bars)
Double Shea 200g (8 Bars)
Frangipani with Primrose Oil 200g (8 Bars)
Goats Milk 200g (8 bars)
Lavender Essential 200g (8 bars)
Lemongrass with Lemon Myrtle 200g (8 bars)
Manuka Honey 200g (8 bars)
Rose Geranium 200g (8 bars)