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Wavertree and London Soaps

Wavertree & London soaps are made by an Australian artisan soap maker and distributed throughout the US by Australian Natural Soap. The soaps are created by special Italian soap milling machines that press a proprietary blend of ingredients into a luxury soap bar. The result: a long lasting moisturizing bar with a rich lather. Each bar is wrapped in Italian-made embossed paper for extra elegance. 


wavertree merchandiser sweet pea
Vanilla Bean (8)
Wavertree Essentials Bergamot & Geranium (8 bars)
Wavertree Essentials Lemon Myrtle & Orange Blossom (8 bars)
Wavertree Essentials Vanilla, Cedarwood & Cinnamon (8 bars)
Wavertree Essentials Ylang Ylang & Tahitian Lime (8 bars)
Winter Pine (8)