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The Australian soap supplier has recovered from the disastrous fire and moved into their new factory

 Our soap deliveries have been severely impacted, but more soap is now coming in. However, it will take time to build up our inventory to where it should be.

During this transition period we will run out of some soaps so please keep up-to-date on what is available by checking our online customer page which includes our constantly updated order form.

NEW ITEMS FOR 2018 will start coming through in May

  • Wavertree & London soaps (15 new fragrances)
  • Liquid soaps
  • Wrapped goats milk soap line
  • Unwrapped craft soaps – new fragrances
  • plus, some other specialty soaps.

 The 100g wrapped soaps are no longer made by the factory (the fire destroyed a unique piece of equipment) so we are progressively selling out of this item

 Thank you for your patience as we are gearing up for a great 2018!