4 Proven Benefits of Using Natural Soap

Unlike regular commercial harsh soaps, natural soaps have been the skin's best friend for ages, with their lush, satin feel and the amazing organic ingredients it is made of. Thankfully over the past few years, Natural soaps have received the attention and accolades that it deserves as they’re slowly returning to bathrooms and soap stands all over the world. The benefits of this magical product are endless, apart from the fact that natural soaps are environmentally friendly, they are animal cruelty-free and strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier. If you are yet to join the moving train of natural soap users here are 4 proven reasons why you shouldn’t have second thoughts about it.


  1. 100% Plant-Based

In a world where people are now more conscious about products they use and how it affects their environment, natural soaps sit unperturbed. Where chemical-based soaps lead to skin burns and unbalanced skin PH, natural soaps are made completely from rich plant oils, a combination of the healthiest plant oils for the skin like palm kernel oil, shea butter, and vegetable glycerin (which normal soaps do not contain) and essential oils form natural soaps. There are no preservatives of any kind in natural bar soap because the ingredients used make it unnecessary. These ingredients are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that are great for the skin, to give it that natural softness and luster.


  1. Long-lasting!

Unlike regular chemical-based soaps that melt away super fast with each use, natural soaps are long-lasting and that makes them very cost-effective. A quality natural soap can last you over a month! So not only is it great for your skin, but it's also durable so that you can enjoy it for a long. High-quality Natural soaps are made from a process called French Milling, it’s the process used to make strong chocolates, mind you not all Natural Soapmaking companies use this process but here at Australian Natural Soap we do. This process makes the soap come out really strong and hard, without any hidden pores for smooth long-lasting use.


  1. Rich in Antioxidants

Antioxidants are your skin's favorite food! They are responsible for helping the skin to repair itself when it is exposed to toxins like the sun's UV rays. Antioxidants for skin like vitamin C stimulates collagen which is responsible for giving you that beautiful youthful skin,  antioxidants also reduce inflammation like acne and dry up blackheads. Natural soaps are made with ingredients that contain these antioxidants richly, using a natural soap will leave your skin saying thank you.


  1. It is Therapeutic

Aromatherapy has long been a source of relief from stress for countless people, it is a medically recommended activity for stress and anxiety relief. Diffusers and candles are not the only way to get scents flowing! The Natural soaps made at Australian Natural Soap get their sweet scents from pure fragrances which is a core ingredient in aromatherapy, using natural soaps regularly means you’re constantly inhaling these comforting scents, helping to relieve stress. Fragrances are safer to use and are very long-lasting, meaning even after you’ve finished using the soap, the scents lingers on your skin, causing you to smell absolutely nice. There are other specific benefits, that depend on the type of fragrance infused in the natural soap for instance fragrances like vanilla have been known to calm the nerves and bring comfort to many.


So, there you have it! Commercial soaps are full of detergent, sodium, and other ingredients that dehydrate your skin, age it fast, and cause allergic reactions but the benefits of using natural soaps are endless. There's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't be using and stocking up your bathroom shelves with natural soaps. Look through our extensive collection of natural soaps infused with different organic materials to leave you with glowing, healthy skin

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