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Will My Soap Be Shipped From Australia?

No. Although the natural soap is made in Australia, it is shipped to the Australian Natural Soap facility located at 21 Wilbraham street, Palmer, 01069 Massachusetts. Once you place an order, we will send the soap from Massachusetts directly to your home.

What Else Does Australian Soap Make?

We make beautiful soaps plus liquid soap and candles. There are not many soap companies that make high quality French milled natural soap bars. It requires a significant investment and takes years of experience but the French milling process and the right ingredients make the most luxurious and longest lasting soap bars. 


Our soaps are made from 100% pure plant oils. Certified sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic Shea butter and vegetable glycerin. The soaps noodles are the highest grade that is made and very few soap manufacturers are prepared to pay for this highest grade of raw material.

Do You Wholesale Soaps?

Yes we have many customers that buy soap to resell. Please use our wholesale application. In addition to our dozen packs we also sell bulk soap bars for significant savings.

How Long Will An Australian Soap Natural Soap Bar Last?

Our soap will last much longer than you would think. It is triple milled in the French tradition and triple milled again for purity and smoothness. Once the soap goes through the double refiner, the process is complete. The result is a dense and long lasting soap with creamy lather and a fragrance that lasts until the final sliver is gone.

Our soap bars are an excellent bath soap because they do not dissolve when in the water. As many of you know, the natural soaps sold by most vendors dissolve quickly and you have to keep them out of sitting water. Bars from other vendors are normally poured (not French milled) and dissolve too quickly. Our bars are dense and do not have air pockets in the soap which allow the water to "melt" the soap bars.

Do You Sell Body Wash

Absolutely not! Body wash is simply water with chemicals to create a lather. It is not good for your skin, is cheap to make and the only expensive part is the container it comes in. Our soap bars are made from plant oils, shea butter and vegetable glycerin all of which are good for your skin, non-drying and has a natural creamy lather. Our soap bars also last a long time whereas body wash gets used quickly.

Exactly What Is Sustainable Palm Oil?

Sustainable palm oil is a product of the fruit grown on the oil palm tree. The certified plantations are environmentally friendly and do not infringe on the habitats of endangered wildlife.

Does Australian Soap Use Sodium Laurel Sulphate?

No. We do not use any chemicals in our natural soap. Some commercial companies opt to use SLS however; the possibility of skin irritation, hormonal imbalance and cancer is not our opinion of pure and natural soap.

Does Australian Soap Use Animal Products In The Soap?

No. We never use sodium tallowate in our soap. Tallow is a harsh soap base that can leave the skin feeling dry and itchy. We only use fine oils such as palm, coconut and olive oils in our soap base.  A few of our bath soaps have an animal ingredients such as goats milk soap and  are obvious and indentifiable.

Does Your Soap Contain Lye?

Sodium Hydroxide also known as Caustic Soda or Lye.

Sodium Hydroxide is an essential ingredient in the saponification process. Sodium hydroxide and plant oils are combined together where they react to produce soap. Saponification is completed when all the sodium hydroxide and plant oils have been converted into soap and glycerine. At the final stage of saponification there is no remaining sodium hydroxide in the soap base. Hence, no there is no sodium hydroxide in our soap bars.

Is The Soap PH Balanced?

Yes, our soap PH level of around 9 which means the bar is very mlld and gentle to the skin.

How Is Your Soap Compared To Dove?

The Dove soap bar uses tallow (animal fats), detergents and other artificial ingredients. We use plant oils, period.

What Are The Benefits Of Australian Soap Soap Bars?

Of course, you are getting the most affordable natural soap made with the highest quality ingredients but you are also getting spa-quality soap. Once you feel the rejuvenating and creamy lather coupled with the incredible luscious fragrance you will think that you’re in paradise. However, the soft and smooth skin that is moist and supple is the ultimate result.

Is Ordering On Our Website Safe And Secure?

Yes, it absolutely is secure with Comodo. You’re information is 100% safe.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

Yes, if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, we will gladly refund the purchase price within 30 days of your original purchase date.

Vegan Soap

Simple Scents understands the need for high quality, natural soap in the Vegan community. Although natural soap is available in grocery stores and other retail shops, most is not of very good quality. We only use the finest ingredients such as sustainable palm oils, Shea butter and Vanilla beans. Of course, we never use chemicals, detergents or animal products like sodium tallowate (processed animal fat) in our Vegan soap. You can rest assured that all of our natural soap is perfect for the Vegan home and lifestyle.

When you buy our Vegan soap, you will also be going green. From the sustainable palm oils that we use down to the biodegradable packaging, Simple Scents natural soap is a green product. You can even save some green with our Customer Rewards program. We also offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with our Vegan soap. 

Do You Sell Anti-Bacterial Soap?

No, they are not effective according to the FDA

"Popular antibacterial soaps and washes are no more effective at preventing illness than plain -- and less expensive -- soap and water, an FDA advisory panel warned. The experts said it may not be worth the risk of spawning resistant bacteria.

The panel's conclusion could eventually lead to stricter regulation of hundreds of antibacterial products, now often sold with the suggestion that they offer an advantage over traditional cleansers.

Antibacterial soaps and alcohol-based hand gels are widely used by hospitals and clinics where they have shown some benefit in cutting the risk of patient-to-patient infections. But the products are also widely sold to the general public despite evidence that hand washing with regular soap and water is just as effective.