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Australian Natural Soap

Discover the Australian Secret to soft, smooth skin

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Australian Natural Soap believes that softer, smoother, healthier skin starts with the right soap. That’s why we produce soaps using only the highest equality natural ingredients, such as sustainable palm oils, Certified Organic Shea Butter, and vegetable glycerin. We have made a significant investment in time and equipment to master the process of French milling, so our soaps last a long time and are an excellent value. Once our customers use high-quality soaps from Australian Natural, they'll quickly become addicted to the gentle fragrances and the rich, creamy lather.

We are also a wholesale soap loaves supplier.  We guarantee that when you offer your customers Australian Natural Soap, they'll be back for more. Explore our product selection to learn more about the natural soaps we offer. As you browse, you can click on individual products to learn more about their various decorative designs, fragrances, and ingredients. From the most soothing and restorative shea butter soap you’ll ever feel on your skin to sustainable and guilt-free botanical soap, there is something for everyone in our convenient online store.

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Browse Soaps

French-Milled Soap

French milling (also called triple milling) is the key to producing an affordable luxurious natural soap bar. Australian Natural Soap brand otffers some of the highest quality French Milled Soap through our history and knowledge.
Unscented Goats Milk soap


Unscented (fragrance free) goats milk soap - 50% off special. 12 bars packed in display box. each bar is individually wrapped