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Bonny Sallee

“ I received three bars of natural soap  from AUSTRALIAN NATURAL SOAP, one was French Pear, Lemon Myrtle and Wild Honeysuckle! Oh, you talk about awesome soap, they smell absolutely fantastic and they work wonderfully on my skin. They really moisturize my skin and it feels very soft. My favorite is the Wild Honeysuckle, I just love the fragrance! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANY NATURAL SOAP FROM AUSTRALIAN NATURAL SOAP! “


Pam Whitham

“ Australian Natural Soap sent me several samples of their hand and bath soaps to try out. They also told me that soaps made with plant oils like theirs will not dry out your skin. So you will end up having to use less skin lotion to keep your body moisturized. The scents that they sent to me (no pun intended) were Lemon Myrtle, Wild Honeysuckle, and French Pear. All of the scents were wonderful and very pleasing to the nose. I have to say that the French Pear scent (the solid green on the picture above) was my favorite overall. It has a nice smooth scent that is not to overpowering. Well it is one thing to smell great but I was curious to see how they left my skin feeling. At first I used them on my hands only for a couple of days to see if they made a difference. My hands usually get chapped and dry during the winter so I was curious to see if the Australian Natural Soaps would change that. The first thing I noticed was that they left my hands feeling silky and soft and of course smelling great. Even after chopping some onions for dinner they were able to get my hands smelling sweet again. After using the soaps for several days I saw an immediate improvement of my dry skin condition. Not only were my hands feeling and looking much better I didn’t have to use as much hand cream during the day. This was a tremendous plus since most hand creams leave your hands feeling greasy and slippery. The next test was the shower test. I decided to use my favorite scent the French Pear in the shower. It lathered up nicely but not too much. The scent was clean and clear but not overpowering. And best of all my skin was left feeling silky and smooth. After several days of use while showering there was a noticeable difference in my skin. After toweling off I could see my once flaky skinned calves were now glowing and shiny smooth. My dried up prune elbows were coming back to their summer radiance. I could truly feel a difference in my skin and that is just fabulous. I am really glad that I found Australian Natural Soaps . I would highly recommend their soaps to all of my readers. They are inexpensive and make great gifts as well. “


Ashley Drews

“ I was sent the Lemon Myrtle, Ocean Beach and French Pear scented bars to check out. These soaps have a creamy moisturizing lather, and a luscious fragrance to them that is unlike any other soaps I’ve used in the past. Upon opening my package I could smell the fragrance of the natural soaps [4] right away. I love being able to smell fragrances, as long as they smell good of course, so this was definitely a great start for me. I then proceeded to give the bars of soap a try. I put one for bath time use and another to use at the sink. I went ahead and washed my hands and WOW is all I can say! The soap really was as described down to the “T”! The soap not only gave a subtle fragrance to my skin, but it also made my hands feel super smooth and soft. The crazy part about it is that hours later after washing my hands they are still just as soft and smooth. Normally when it’s cold or chilly outside my hands are a bit more dry and this soap definitely made a difference in just a single wash. I’m impressed!


Emilee Roberts

“ All of the soaps were comparable as far as performance. They all glide on smoothly and have a nice lather. The scents carry over nicely when used. What I mean by this is sometimes in soap it smells wonderful, but when you use it the scent isn’t very prevalent during use. I like the scent to actually transfer to me, too! They left my skin feeling clean and smooth. I had no issues with dryness, and was surprised how soft my skin felt after. They were efficient without that drying feeling some soaps leave. I truly didn’t feel like I had to use lotion after using any of these soaps! I also noticed that these soaps don’t just seem to dissolve quickly. “


Valerie Wilson

“ I’m one of those people who loves a really fragrant soap.  I love everything fragrant, actually!  But for me, scented soaps are a must.  And the more scented they are the better.  (As long as it’s a good scent, lol!)

So when I opened this package, I was delighted to find these three bar soaps [3] inside.

The first one, the mottled green bar, is Lemon Myrtle, the wrapped one in the center is Wild Honeysuckle, and the third green one is French Pear.  Lemon, Honeysuckle and Pear oh my!

I took the time to really smell each one separately.  I honestly cannot tell you which one would be my favorite, as it’s a toss up between all  three.  These scents are absolutely INCREDIBLE.  I wish there was such a thing as “smellavision” so you could smell these.    These were really nice, thick, smooth bars, too.   Deciding which one to try in my shower each day was not an easy decision to make.

So by now you know how absolutely incredible they smell.  But the most important thing is how well do they clean?  These soaps are made with quality plant oils, and is so much better for your skin than other soaps.   They all lathered up very nicely, and left my skin feeling so much softer, smoother and moisturized than the store-bought bar soaps that I had previously been using.  When you go from using a sub-par bar soap to such a quality, luxurious soap like Australian Natural Soaps, you really notice it.  My skin felt so much cleaner and I truly felt refreshed.  And the scent stayed with me all day long, as I even got compliments hours later, asking if I was wearing a new scent!   If you love to pamper yourself, and love smelling like you just stepped out of a spa, you will love this soap! “


Angela Beechan

“ I can’t say I’m particularly a bar soap or body wash user strictly. I use whatever I like. I love a good bar soap but in the winter, my skin get really dry and I don’t always feel like a bar soap can do the same job as, say, a moisturizing body wash. I do love a good soap though if it smell nice, is made well, and last for a while.

I had the opportunity to try AustralianSoap.com [1] french-milled plant oil soap.

Now I’ll be honest, I had no idea what french-milled meant so I had to visit their website to find out. They used the same equipment and natural ingredients that maker of fine french soaps use. The french milling technique blends all ingredients into a paste which removes impurities before it’s made into a bar. Other benefits include a longer lasting bar with consistent quality, and a good lather.

AustralianSoap.com uses 100% plant oils with ingredients like renewable palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic shea butter, and vegetable glycerin.

I received 3 bars of Australian Soap to try in the scents: Lemon Myrtle, French Pear, and Wild Honeysuckle. When I opened the shipping package the scents just filled the air. I just couldn’t decide which one to try first because they all smelled amazing. I finally decided on the Lemon Myrtle just because it was different and had a mottled look/texture to it. These bars really do last a long time.

I had been told by a soap maker at one point that you should use a soap rack to store your bar soap on in the bathroom to allow the air to get to the bar and make the bar last longer. I had been using a different bar of soap. I’ve been keeping them on the same soap drying rack. I thought it was interesting to see the difference in the way the integrity of the soap help up compared to the name brand brand soap I was using.

 I had been using the bar on the left before I received the Australian soap for review. Then I used the Australian soap for a few weeks. You can see that not much has chanced in the look of the Australian soap bar but the name brand bar is starting to crack and fall apart even with the use of the soap drying rack.

You can feel the difference in the moisturizing capabilities of both soaps as well. The Australian Lemon Myrtle soap had an almost creamy feel to it when it hit the water and when I used it on my body. The name brand soap just felt hard and slippery as you would expect an ordinary bar soap to be.

If you are looking for a good bar soap, I would definitely recommend Austrailansoap.com. Their soap can be purchased in different sizes. They have wrapped and unwrapped bars. There are 40 fragrances in the unwrapped bars and 28 fragrances in the wrapped bars. 2 of the ones I received were unwrapped while the Wild Honeysuckle was the wrapped bar. I did not notice any difference in the quality. All the bars I received were the 3.5 oz size. But even at the smaller size they are still lasting a long time. “


Cailyn Collins

“ With so many different styles, brands and scents of Soaps available on the market today, its been my experience that choosing a soap that’s right for me can be an exhausting challenge. I often save the personal hygiene aisle for last when I’m completing my grocery shopping, specifically because its takes so much time and thought.

As I stand there contemplating the selection of soaps I always feel completely overwhelmed. Do I want round soap, square soap, mini soaps, liquid soap, organic soap or soaps with an animal-fat base? There are so many choices, not to mention so many different scents to consider.

Do I want something floral or do I want something seasonal? Natural or fruity? I just can’t ever stick with a decision and most often turn to my Mama for suggestions. Sound like anyone else?

At Australian Natural Soap they take the worry and stress out of picking the perfect soap. Each bar of soap from Australian Soap contains sustainable palm oils, Certified Organic Shea Butter, vegetable glycerin and other all natural ingredients; they also come in a variety of tantalizing scents.

Fortunately for me I’ve recently gotten the chance to be in contact with the Australian Natural Soap company and was allowed the opportunity to do a Review and Giveaway for them.

With my track-record of indecision with Soaps, I was truly excited to review for them and was sent 3 bars of their wonderful soap in Wild Honeysuckle, French Pear and Lemon Myrtle.

Considering how delightful these scents were I could not wait to get the baby to bed and jump in the shower that night! FYI they were absolutely amazing and although I was sorely tempted to try them all in one night, I only tried Lemon Myrtle that first night.

Now, two weeks later I’m genuinely shocked to feel the difference in my skin. I was warned by the company beforehand that I’d be surprised but I thought it was just a marketing technique; like I said, honestly impressed.

My skin has never been particularly dried out but then again I’ve always been jealous of those with naturally baby-soft skin so when, after 2 weeks of using these soaps, my skin rivaled the silky skin of my friends I literally could have done a happy dance on the spot! Not only did the soap leave my skin smelling subtly fragrant but it also gave me the skin I’d been coveting my entire life.

In addition to smelling great and giving me soft skin, one of my favorite things about Australian Natural Soap is that unlike store-brand soaps that dry out and get slimy after use, these soaps stay moisturized and smooth after each use! I absolutely LOATH grabbing a bar of soap that feels like sludge so having a bar of soap that maintained its shape and feel after even the longest of showers just put the cherry on top of my soap sundae!

Did I mention that Australian Natural Soap also comes in a HUGE variety of scents? Thank goodness my sponsor helped with the choosing process because I would have never been able to make up my mind! Some of the scents they carry include but aren't limited to:

-Orange Zest


-Vanilla Bean



-Green Tea

-Hawaiian Flowers


-Sweet Pea and Jasmine

Can you say soap Heaven?! “


Mary Walker

“ I recently was given the opportunity to review some French Milled Natural Plant Oil [2] bar soap. French Milled means long lasting so the bars last longer than an ordinary soap bar. I received 3 bars, 2 unwrapped, French Pear and Lemon Myrtle and one wrapped, Wild Honeysuckle. I was excited to receive these bath soap because I have extremely dry skin and they are supposed to be good for that.

 I also have to watch what kinds of soaps I use because I will break out in a rash in a matter of hours after using. Since this soap is all natural, I had no worries and never broke out in a rash.The Natural Soap is made in Australia and will be shipped right to your door. They carry 40 fragrances in the unwrapped bar and 28 in the wrapped body soap. When I opened the box, they smelled wonderful. I couldn’t decide which one to use first. So I decided to put one in the shower, one in the master bathtub and one in the guest bath so visiting guests can try it out too.

 I used the Lemon Myrtle in the shower and as soon as I got out and started drying off, I could tell the difference in the dryness of my skin. My legs usually look alligator skin and even when I put on lotion, you can still see the dryness. I noticed that my legs weren’t as dry and I’m sure the more that I use it the less dryness I will see.

I also like the fact that they are all natural. We don’t need to be putting more chemicals on our body. Shea Butter soap has luscious scents and contain sustainable palm oils, Certified Organic Shea Butter, vegetable glycerin and other all natural ingredients.

The bath soap bars [4] are 3.5 oz. and sell for $3.95. If you want more information you can email David at david@australiansoap.com [5].

My rating for the Australian Natural Soap is 5/5 “


Natashia Dythia

For anyone that hasn’t noticed - I am a girl. Yes I enjoy geek/pop culture stuff, but I also enjoy candles, lotions, and most of all - SOAP. I discovered that you could buy natural soaps a few years ago. Up until that point, I had always just bought the bar or liquid soaps that you could find at the store. I have sensitive skin, so I always had to make sure that the soap had no color or harsh perfumes added.which meant I had to use white soap that smelled like soap. No fun, but got the job done.

When I discovered natural soaps I realized that I could use different smells, because they used natural, and higher quality ingredients in the soap. I recently got the chance to try Australian Natural Soap [1]. They sent me 3 bars of soap to try. Each one is 100g (3.5 oz) and they came in 3 different scents, French Pear, Lemon Myrtle, and Wild Honeysuckle. It was the best smelling package I have ever received in the mail. Each bar smells AMAZING! The nice part about the smell is, it smells strong while you are using it, but it only leaves trace amounts on your skin so that it will not clash with your perfume or body spray. Worried they won’t have a smell you like? I believe that would be impossible since the unwrapped bars come in 40 fragrances and the wrapped bars has 28 fragrances.

Australian Natural Soap is made using quality plant oil, which will make your skin softer, smoother and less dry.well, that was what they told me, before I started using the soap. After using it for a couple of weeks, I have to agree. I notice that my skin is softer, and smoother. When I heard the soap was made with plant oil, I was afraid that the soap might not lather well. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Australian Natural Soap lathers as well as, if not better than, normal store-bought soap.

this bar of soap was used at least a dozen times - It hardly looks used at all!

I have looked around the internet at other natural soaps and they cost $5 or more a bar. Australian Natural Soap retails for $3.95 for their wrapped bars and only $3 for the unwrapped bars. What a steal! And an even better steal when you consider how long they last. I have had some natural soaps that only last a dozen uses. The above picture is a bar that I have used a dozen times, it barely looks used at all!

I know what you are thinking - Where can I buy some of this awesome soap? Well you can buy it by going to Australian Natural Soaps website www.australiansoap.com


Ruth Hill

“ I always love to find new beauty products, and there are some fantastic companies out there that produce amazing products. And this is indeed one of them. I was sent three fantastic soaps that are made of plant oil. That’s right! The three scents I got to try were Lemon Myrtle, Ocean Beach and French Pear. The scents were magnificent, but I have to admit that I was initially skeptical when I saw “vegetable oil” as one of the ingredients. I have tried all sorts of soaps, but vegetable oil soap?

The first thing I noticed is that these wonderful soaps got a lot of lather when I used them in the shower. I am used to soaps that have lotion in them, and usually there is very little lather. Not so with these. And they really did feel good on my skin. According to their site, you will use less lotion since plant oil does not dry out your skin as much. I believe they’re right. I have used other soaps and shower gels that contain lotion, and some of them really did dry my skin out (even though they are supposed to moisturize your skin).


These French-milled (long-lasting) soaps feel good on my skin, and the scents are absolutely wonderful! If you are looking for a special gift for the lady in your life (think Valentine’s Day), this just may be the thing to surprise her! "


April Hargraves

“ I love finding new natural soaps – I have sensitive skin and homemade soaps are usually the best for my skin. Australian Natural Soap is French Milled. This process blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created and removes any impurities, leaving just pure soap. This also increases the lathering properties, making your soap last longer and giving you a longer lasting bar.

The soaps [1] are made with 100% plant oils, and they make your skin feel so soft! They’ve really helped keep my skin from drying out this winter. Shea butter adds even more creaminess and moisturizing qualities.

I tried the Lemon Myrtle, Ocean Beach and French Pear. They all smelled absolutely wonderful. At just $3 a bar, they are extremely affordable as well. They also have a rewards program for people who buy their soap. You can check them out on facebook here “


Cyndee Wells

“ Lemon Myrtle was by far my favorite, When I first smelled it I was hooked and then the way it left my skin feeling soft and smooth was amazing. I have always tried to make sure that the soap we used didn’t dry out my families skin and this didn’t; it actually left all of our skin feeling much better than before. My husband loved the Ocean Beach scent and for good reason, it had a beachy, manly smell that I really liked the way it left his skin feeling afterward.

I learned from the company that plant-oil based soaps will not dry your skin out and you will use less lotion too; just because your skin won’t need it when using plant-oil based soaps. Now for me that’s a plus, I go through lotion like water and with these soaps I did notice that I used a lot less. I would recommend these to anyone looking for an natural alternative.

Just some of the ingredients of their soaps are: Sustainable palm oil, palm kernel oil, certified organic shea butter, vegetable glycerin, sodium chloride, water, preservative, fragrance, organic color pigments and may contain olive oil, oatmeal, flowers, honey, myrtle leaves, tea tree oil, essential oils, milk, grape seed oil, vanilla beans, lemon oil, mango butter, cocoa butter, jojoba, vitamin E, and other natural ingredients. “


Tina Peterson

“ For a woman, a shower (or even a bath if your kids leave you alone long enough to even run the water) is close to being a sacred time of relaxation. It’s a time to turn off our thoughts, forget about the sink full of dishes and the irritating boss who seems to think you have all the time in the world to get everything done while they go to the golf course and chase that little ball.

I’d like to introduce you to French Milled Soaps. Imagine taking a bar of a smooth, moisturizing soap made in Australia. It’s made using the finest qualities of palm oil, palm kernel oil, organic shea butter, glycerin and other natural ingredients almost guaranteed to take away your stress, leaving your skin soft, smooth and richly scented. All your missing is a beautiful glass of champange, a little soft music and thick fluffy towels and a luxurious bathrobe.

I received 3 bars of Australian Natural Soap in the Lemon Myrtle, Ocean Beach and French Pear fragrances. I loved how nicely the bars lathered up in my hand and I was even able to use my mesh sponge thingy and it still lathered up beautifully. I’ve also been able to keep the bar in the shower and it hasn’t turned into a lump of goo as it dried and I’ve thoroughly loved the scent of each bar and my skin smells wonderful afterwards and the fact that my skin hasn’t been drying out after using this soap. “


SaraLee Earegood

“ Did you know that a quality soap bar made from plant oils will not dry out your skin? You will use less lotion because you will not need it.

Our Australian made soap bar is French-milled (long lasting), made from plant oils, has a creamy moisturizing lather, and a luscious fragrance. Our affordable bars are a real treat.

If you would like more information about Australian Natural Soap you can check out their website  or email david@australiansoap.com.

 I got 3 bars of soap to try and I noticed right away that 2 of the bars were soft from the Knicks that were in them from shipping. I tried the French Pear bar soap first and I liked the scent. The Lemon Myrtle bar soap was my husbands liked soap. They both made our skin so smooth and soft. I live in a house that is concrete and it sucks the moisture out of the air. My skin would get dry and ashy looking if I didnt apply lotion almost daily. While I washed with the bar soaps I dd find that I didnt have to apply lotion that much. The Wild Honeysuckle wrapped soap was my all time favorite and smelled really great and I wish I had more. “


Storm De La Rosa

“ I look forward to my time in the shower each night. It’s a few quiet moments for me where I can relax and of course, just wash the day’s craziness away. I won’t settle for just any soaps and shampoos because of this. I want a pleasant scent I enjoy, and I also want products that aren’t just chemical cocktails, and instead benefit my skin.

It’s the rainy damp season here which means the fire is roaring often. It’s warmer than any other heat, of course - but the flip side is it can dry out the air in here, which makes my skin dry and flaky. Did you know that a quality soap bar made from plant oils will not dry out your skin? Australian Natural Soap makes French-milled soap bars from 100% plant oils. It’s created in Australia using the same specialized equipment and premium natural ingredients used by makers of fine French soaps. The process actually blends the ingredients into a paste before the bar is created and removes any impurities, leaving just pure soap. What this means for us as consumers, is that a 3.5 oz bar lasts longer than many 8 ounce bars you’ll find in the bar soap section at your favorite store, on top of leaving your skin softer, smoother and less dry.

Australian Natural Soap sent me on over three of the bars to try out, in Lemon Myrtle, Ocean Beach and French Pear. As soon as I opened the package, I was greeted with the wonderful scents. I was counting down the hours until I could take a shower, let me tell you! lol The 3.5 ounce bars are the perfect size to fit into my hand, so I’m not struggling to grasp a sudsy bar in the shower (and dropping it 5 million times, lol) The bars lathered perfectly for me, and I noticed within a few days that my skin was definitely feeling more hydrated. Although I loved them all, my favorite scent was the French Pear.

All of their products are vegan and not tested on animals. They are also gluten free. “


Erin Slocum

“ I recently tried out some lovely soaps made in Australia. They are french milled(long lasting) and made from plant oils. They have several different scents and even types of soap. Wrapped, unwrapped, scented, unscented, are only some of the options you find with these soaps. Due to the plant oils in the soap they also do not dry out the skin which is wonderful! I have dry skin so much of the time due to having my hands in water so much, that having a soap that doesn’t dry out my skin is great!!

I received three bars of the AUSTRALIAN NATURAL SOAPS [2]. Two came unwrapped and one wrapped. My kids of course unwrapped it as quickly as they could! The wrapped soap was the wild honeysuckle which has a lovely soft feminine scent. The other two scents that I got to try out were the Fresh Eucalyptus and French Pear. The pear was again a very soft scent that didn’t overpower us. I am in love with the Eucalyptus. Not only is it a great cleaning soap, but it also has a very nice smell that even helps to clear out the sinuses some.

Australian natural soaps also sells hand creams that are paraben free. These sound wonderful as well and I’d love to try them out.

I was very impressed with the soaps and how clean and soft they made my hands feel. My hands also did not get dried out. I wash my hands so many times a day with two littles in diapers still and all the cleaning I do that it is very hard to keep my hands from feeling dried out and cracked. I’m definitely liking these!