French Milled Soap

Luxurious Triple-Milled Soap (French Milled)


French milling (also called triple milling) is the key to producing an affordable luxurious natural soap bar. Australian Natural Soap brand offers some of the highest quality French triple Milled Soap.


The French milling process passes the soap ingredients through a series of heavy duty stainless rollers and meshes to turn the soap into a fine paste before it is made into soap bars. The roller sets have very tight tolerances (.10mm to .15mm) and the finest mesh has an opening of .5mm. To put that in perspective, the diameter of a human hair ranges from .04mm to .25mm. That means the gap the soap mixture has to squeeze through is the size of the average human hair! Running soap through this milling process fully mixes and blends all the ingredients and the mesh removes any impurities or foreign objects.

For the French triple milled soap process to work best the equipment must be built right to maintain the pressure, as the soap is blend through the rollers and mesh. That means the equipment is expensive and heavy! Light weight mills are relatively ineffective because they can’t apply the pressure and hold the tolerances required to blend the soap correctly.

The soap bars produced by this process are much smoother and produce a superior creamy lather.

Most importantly the bar produced by French milling lasts much longer than non-milled soaps because it is compressed under pressure (by the sets of rollers) thereby removing the trapped air (air pockets) and excess moisture resulting in a hard long lasting bar. No more mushy, soft or dissolving soap bars! In addition value of the bar is better because it lasts longer. One of our milled bars will last 3 to 5 times longer than a poured bar of the same size.

Another advantage of choosing to buy French milled soaps is the labor cost to produce the soap bar is much less than poured soaps so the selling price can be less or the quality better than other makers. Of course to be in the position to mill soap means you have to make larger quantities for each run.

In our case we are able to make the larger runs (people love our soap!) which enables to buy our ingredients directly from the source (Asia and Africa) which keeps to cost of the soap bar as low as possible if you are looking for natural wholesale soap or private label soap. Most soap makers have to buy from local importers which means a higher ingredient cost and sometimes their ingredient quality is not as good as it should be.

Our French triple milled soap has an ideal balance of Shea butter which you can read about on our Shea butter page.