4 Unbeatable Advantages of French Milled Soap over Poured Soap

French milled soap, also known as triple milled soap, naturally gets its name from its origins in 18th century France. It’s known as triple milling because the process involves rolling and pressing the soap three or more times, refining it into a fine paste. That paste is then put into many different molds, such as ducks or seashells, and allowed to harden. The manufacturing of French milled soap is more time-consuming, but the final product is a smoother, longer lasting bar.

Many people believe that making your own soap using the melt and pour method results in a better bar, but using ingredients like lye and sodium hydroxide present some health hazards. If you wish to buy French milled soap wholesale, the following are four major benefits of French milled soap to buy online over poured soaps:

  • It lasts longer
  • Doesn’t contain any chemicals or additives
  • Has natural fragrances and essential oils
  • Softer on your skin

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