Natural Soaps for Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is a term used for skins that are prone to allergic reactions, the skin is dry most of the time, delicate and quick to sunburn. Different people with sensitive skin react to different things, it could be detergent soaps, alcohol, or harsh synthetic lathering agents, hardeners, and the likes that can be found in every commercial soap.


If you have sensitive skin, then you already know that not all soaps are great for your skin. Commercial soaps are made with harsh ingredients without consideration for skin types, or the environment that’s why natural soaps are the best bet if you have sensitive skin. Natural soaps are made with plant-based oils and infused with the best gifts of nature for the skin, from fruits rich in antioxidants to plants and flowers rich in vitamins and roots with exfoliating properties, natural soaps have it all. If you’re also super conscious of the environment and animal cruelty then you need not worry because our natural soaps are made with an environmentally friendly process and are one hundred percent animal cruelty-free.


When considering natural body soaps for sensitive skin, there are certain ingredients you should look out for, ingredients that will be gentle and surely soothe your skin. Natural soaps made with the triple milling process like the soaps at Australian Natural Soap are dense and long lasting with a superior lather. If you have sensitive skin and you’re making the switch to natural soaps or you’re looking for that perfect natural soap for your sensitive skin, here are a few things to consider.


  1. Gentle Exfoliators

Every skin type needs exfoliating at times but for sensitive skin, exfoliating needs to be a very gentle process. Consider using soaps with gentle exfoliators like our Australian Natural Sandalwood soap or the gentle exfoliating LemonMyrtle soap. These natural soaps contain ingredients that are great for sensitive skin, and exfoliate gently.


  1. Moisturizing Bars

Instead of going for soaps that dry out the skin, go for soaps that have moisturizing ingredients like our Lavender with Flowers Soap. Moisturizing bars like this are perfect for sensitive skin.


  1. Creamy and Milky Bars

Creamy and milky bars are another great choice for sensitive skin. They feel like butter on your skin and are soothing for sensitive skin, soaps like our Goats Milk and Melon soap and the pure Extra Creamy Goats Milk Soap are creamy and full of soothing properties. Goats milk is rich in fatty acids that help to preserves and restores your skin's moisture barrier.


If you have sensitive skin then you should consider trying out one if these amazing options. Australian Natural Soaps produces only soaps that are rich in natural ingredients, so even if you have sensitive skin you can be sure that our soaps will give your skin a treat.

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