Nourish Your Skin with Natural Soaps

Walk down the soap aisle at your local grocery store or pharmacy and you’re sure to be overwhelmed with the choices. With so many products on the market, how can you choose which is best for your skin? The most important thing to realize when selecting soaps and wholesale soap loaf suppliers is that most of these products aren’t “soap” at all.



What Is the Difference?

There’s a lot of confusion between soaps and detergents. The biggest difference is that soaps are natural, while detergents are manmade. Most of the wholesale soaps bars you’ll find in stores are actually detergents--look closer at them and you’ll realize that most of them say they’re “body washes” or “moisturizing bars.” While detergents are better suited to heavy-duty cleaning than soaps are, their harsh chemicals often prove to be too much for our sensitive skin.


What Nutrients Does Your Skin Need?

As the largest organ in your body, your skin needs a variety of nutrients in order to be healthy. Substances like omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A, C, and E keep your skin smoother, more supple, and prevent wrinkles. They can also encourage your skin to heal more quickly and help prevent skin cancer. While commercial “soaps” may advertise ingredients that do the same things, the damage the chemicals do to your skin can completely erase any benefit the other ingredients may have.


What Makes Natural Soap Stand Out?

Natural soaps are made from natural, recognizable ingredients like palm and olive oil--just look at the ingredient list on the packaging. Not only do these soaps eliminate harmful chemicals, their ingredients also help provide your skin with the nutrients it needs. This results in softer, younger-looking skin and a healthier body overall. You can also look for natural soaps with additional ingredients like essential oils for added nutritional value. Wholesale soap loaves suppliers have a variety of soaps made from many different products, so you can choose ones for sensitive skin, acne, or any other conditions you want to address.

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