The Benefits of Buying Natural Soap Bars

Soap is an essential accessory in life, but there’s a huge difference between commercial and handmade soap. Here are some serious benefits as to why you should buy natural soap bars rather than mass-produced soaps.

Natural Soap


his may sound like some weird additive you want to avoid, but glycerin is actually a good thing! Glycerin forms naturally during the soap-making process in handmade soaps, and this essential ingredient helps your skin retain moisture while keeping it balanced, as well as enables a natural lather to be formed. Ironically, glycerin is extracted from such natural soap-making processes to be added to higher end moisturizers—but with natural soaps, you get it anyway.

Knowing the What and How

Handmade soaps are a simple creation. They often have fewer ingredients than other soaps, and among those ingredients are things that will sound familiar: honey, lavender, aloe, oatmeal, goat’s milk--the list goes on. You can forget about long, complicated-sounding ingredients cooked up in a laboratory. Natural means no harsh chemicals, fillers, additives, or unnatural ingredients that can build up or create imbalances in your skin.


Hand-made soaps are just that: made by someone’s hand. If you imagine the number of handmade soaps with locally-sourced ingredients, know that there are even more rules and regulations surrounding the making and selling of those soaps. You can feel confident your soap comes from a reputable and legitimate source.


Natural and handmade soaps don’t just boast an infusion of this or that special ingredient—they’re properly made with them included. These types of soaps come in a wide range of dynamic, sometimes unexpected, scents and combinations. They often try to target something for your benefit, whether it’s the soothing fragrance of a particular herb to help with anxiety, or the exfoliating quality of oatmeal to help with acne.

From the high-quality cleanse you’re providing your skin, natural moisture included, to the confidence of good ethical practices, there are many benefits to choosing to buy natural soap bars over what’s on many store shelves.

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