The Benefits of Glycerin in Bathing Soap

Do you have a skin condition you can’t seem to cure? Does your soap leave your skin tight and dry? A soap containing glycerin may be what you’re looking for.

Because of the market for wholesale glycerin soap bars, these soaps are readily available at most retail drug stores and grocery markets. There are many boutique shops that also offer glycerin soaps, and some are handmade locally. Why are these products so popular?


Glycerin is a moisturizer. It attracts moisture to your skin, leaving it soft and supple for several hours after use. Since it’s the additives in soap that regularly cause skin irritations, glycerin without additives is recommended for sensitive skin. However, the moisturizing effect is good for all skin types. Consumers are advised to experiment with glycerin soaps with fragrance additives to determine if the soap will be irritating to the skin.

Face Soap

As a face soap, glycerin without additives is a healthy alternative for those troubled by acne, facial dryness, or redness. Harsh soaps stimulate oil production in the face and can cause the skin problem. If you discontinue use of the harsh soap and substitute glycerin soap, over time, the glycerin soap may clear up the problem and leave your facial skin feeling moist and soft.

Some fragrance additives that may be in glycerin soaps and are unlikely to irritate the skin are lavender, lemon, basil, myrtle, or lime. The consumer is advised to try them for possible reactions to specific substances.

Overall, glycerin soaps are a safe and comfortable alternative to harsher soaps. Natural ingredients such as palm oil and vegetable glycerin are in a good glycerin soap bar. One company has its beginnings with an Australian couple making soap in their kitchen after uncomfortable experiences with harsh soap containing sulfates.  From those humble beginnings an Australian wholesale glycerin soap company was born and continues today. In the world of soap, these consumers changed the market.

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