The Skin Benefits of Natural Soap

There are numerous skin care products on the market, from lotions and cleanser to soap. Ironically, soap can be a major contributor to poor skin tone and dryness. Fortunately, when you buy natural soap bars, you can help reverse some of the damage caused by these harsh products. Here are some of the benefits your skin will enjoy when using natural wholesale soap.

Natural Soap

No Harsh Chemicals

One of the major characteristics of natural soap is that it’s made from plant oils, so it doesn’t contain any of the harsh chemicals that most commercial soaps have. These chemicals cause skin to dry out, resulting in itchy and flaky skin. You shouldn't have to coat your skin in moisturizers just because of the soap you use. A natural soap with no chemicals leaves your skin smooth and clean without excessive drying from chemicals.

Numerous Formulations

Another benefit of natural soap is that it’s made in numerous formulations, so you're sure to find a combination that works best for your skin. There are natural soaps that contain ingredients like coconut oil that can fight bacteria. These are healthier for your skin than most commercial antibacterial soaps. Additionally, goat’s milk is great for sensitive skin, and ingredients like charcoal, avocado, apple, and cinnamon can help invigorate your skin. There's a natural soap formulation for any purpose you can imagine.

Better Ingredients

Your skin will benefit from natural soap because it's made with purer ingredients than other soaps. Natural soaps almost always contain more oils and butters that not only moisturize the skin, but also contain vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants that provide additional benefits to your skin. These ingredients do not include animal products, just pure plant oils that contain important elements essential for healthy skin.


Glycerin is present in many lotions and soaps, but it's used differently in natural soap. Glycerin is created during the soap-making process, and helps soften and moisturize your skin by maintaining the water balance. Natural soap contains more glycerin than commercial soaps because most companies actually remove glycerin during production so that they can use it in other moisturizing products at a higher price. Your skin will be perfectly moisturized using a natural soap that still contains its natural glycerin.

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