What is Triple Milled Soap and What Are its Benefits

Have you ever wondered what makes natural soaps last so long, have consistent colors, maintains their fragrance and rich texture? Let’s tell you all about it. Triple milling has been in existence for centuries long, it was invented by traditional soap makers back in the 1700s in France, that’s why it’s also called French-milled soap. The purpose of triple milling is to make sure that the soap ingredients and constituents are properly mixed. The final product has to be gotten just right so that you can have the attractive natural soap you see. The soap base used in our natural triple-milled soap is plant-based with added shea butter for that creamy lather.


Triple-milled soap is the richest soap you can have on your bathroom shelf. After the natural ingredients and sweet fragrances are mixed into the soap base, it is passed through smooth stainless steel rollers, then pushed through 3 different mesh screens, the final product is a homogeneous bar that lasts longer and has a smooth, rich feel on the skin. The milling process refines the mixture until all air pockets are removed and then is pressed into bars.

Benefits of Triple Milled Soap

  1. Triple-milled soap has a consistent mix of natural ingredients and fragrances and you can be sure that all impurities are removed during the milling process. The milling process ensures that every ingredient gets into the soap properly and evenly, ensuring high effectiveness with every use.
  1. Triple-milled natural soaps last much longer than commercial bar soaps. Their density and lack of air packets help them last longer, they maintain their color, fragrance, and potency until the soap runs out. The density of triple-milled soap helps them stay hard, they do not get soggy like commercial soaps.
  1. Talk about luxury! Triple-milled natural soaps are super creamy and extremely luxurious. It feels like butter on the skin and after every use, your skin will feel very clean and baby soft.
  1. Another great benefit of triple-milled soap is the affordability, the quality is preserved yet it is extremely affordable. You’re getting high quality for a great price.

Now that a lot of people are concerned about how their products are being made, whether it’s animal and environmentally friendly whether they contain natural ingredients, you can trust our triple-milled natural soaps at Australian Natural soap. All of our soaps are made with natural plant-based ingredients through environmentally friendly triple milling, they are high-quality triple-milled soaps that you can trust. Now that you know how special triple-milled soaps are, browse through our extensive collection of all-natural triple-milled soaps for that long-lasting luxurious feel and luminous look, let’s give your skin a treat!

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