What to Know Before Choosing a Soap Supplier

When you’re a company that sells all-natural soap to its customers, it’s important you find the right supplier to ship your soap bar inventories. There are many soap bars suppliers willing to offer you their business. However, finding a supplier that sincerely cares about your needs and expectations can be difficult if you don't know your own product expectations. Here are some questions you can ask to find the right supplier for your company.

 Soap Bar

How Heavy Are Your Soaps?

You want to be sure your suppliers are listing every single ingredient being put into creating your soap loaves. This is essential for quality control since you want to sell the soap your company advertises. One way to determine this is by the fragrance. High quality soap loaves should have a natural, intricate, and genuine scent that is pleasing to smell. Another way to determine ingredient quality is by the price you pay for each loaf. While you want to be cost-effective, inexpensive soap loaves are usually made with low-quality ingredients.

Are They Using Genuine Scents?

Educate yourself so you can tell the difference between genuinely made soap bars and those that are not. Natural soaps use organic plant oils to create their beautiful scents. Scents created to smell like tropical and local fruits and roses are not all natural. Trying to make an all-natural rose or fruit oil is too expensive. Your suppliers should know the difference between fragrances that are all natural and which ones are artificial or chemically made. They should be well-educated in making soap loaves with natural and essential oils.

Are Their Soaps Natural or Organic?

One of the most important aspects you can ask your soap supplier is whether they specialize in making natural or organic soaps. You should never use a supplier that offers you organic soaps. Organic soaps can still be artificially scented and created using mass manufacturing that produces lower quality soap. Even when a soap supplier says they make natural soaps, the price they offer per loaf can determine if they’re being sincere or lack the knowledge and experience to produce natural soap.



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