What's So Great about French Milled Soap?

French milled soap is a common staple of beauty stores nowadays, from your local gift shop to online purveyors of natural beauty products. But why is French milled soap so widespread now? What's so special about this soap? Is it just called "French" to sound fancy? Here's what you need to know about these products and where you can find the best French milled soap.

The Process

You'll find French milled soap at a price beyond most other soaps on the market. While some products, like candles, are being priced highly due to their popularity, French milled soap is more expensive for a reason. It comes down how it's made, a process of extreme care and quality.

First, the soap is made though it's regular methods, imbuing lye, water, and fragrance into a mixture, then allowing it to dry. French milled soap is usually made of natural products like goat's milk and natural lavender, rather than chemicals you'll find in cheap grocery store soaps. However, French milled soap is allowed to age. Once it dries to the point of being grainy, it undergoes an additional process. While other soaps are ready to hit the stores, French milled soap requires more care for ultimate benefits to the body.

The dried soap is shredded or crushed, then melted slowly over a low heat source. Once it's melted, it's poured back into molds to re-harden into a beautiful shape. This is the "milling" process, rooted in French countryside processes. French milled soap can be milled multiple times. Each time it's milled, it increases in quality.

The Benefits

When you buy French milled soap for sale online, you'll notice that it's harder and less watery than other soaps. That's because when it's milled, the moisture evaporates and it concentrates. There are many benefits of buying this type of soap. First of all, it lasts longer because it doesn't melt away like traditional soaps do. It will also look more beautiful. Water dilutes color and causes unappealing streaks and lumps in soap. The soap will also feel smoother on the body.

Best of all, though, are the more concentrated benefits. Most soaps include products like oatmeal and goat's milk that make the skin smooth and supple. However, traditional soaps dilute these beneficial products with water. Concentrated French milled soap has more benefits per ounce for smoother, more youthful skin, and more. You can find the best French milled soap online. Find companies that focus on natural soaps made through natural processes for the most benefits and fewer harsh chemicals.

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