Why Choose To Use Natural Soap?


If you’re looking for a more sustainable, environmentally-friendly soap that’s better for sensitive skin then you should choose a natural soap.

What Is Natural Soap?

Natural soap is, quite simply, soap that’s made from natural ingredients like natural oils, butters and fats. These ingredients are harvested in nature and don’t contain harsh chemicals and fragrances that can strip the skin, leaving it dried out and damaged. These natural oils and butters are mixed with other ingredients and essential oils to create hydrating natural soap with a beautiful fragrance.

Handmade soap that’s been made using natural ingredients has been around for centuries in many different cultures. What you may not have realized is that many synthetic “soap” that’s available today isn’t actually classed as soap. The FDA considers most body cleansers to be synthetic detergent products rather than true soaps.

The Benefits of Natural Soap

People choose handmade soap using natural ingredients for lots of different reasons. Here are some of the best reasons to use natural soap, for you, your skin and the wider world.

Hydrating and Gentle On The Skin

Soaps with synthetic ingredients usually contain lots of different preservatives and chemicals to create scents, which can cause allergies, itching and irritation. It can also upset the delicate pH balance of your skin, leaving it dry and susceptible to damage. 

If you have sensitive skin, reactive skin or a condition like psoriasis or eczema, then a natural soap could be what you need. Natural soap is also called glycerin soap as it doesn’t have the moisturizing ingredient glycerin stripped from it, like mass-market soaps do. Your skin gets natural hydration and plenty of skin-boosting antioxidants.

Unique, Handmade Product

Far more thought goes into a handmade, natural soap than its mass-market counterpart. From the ingredients through to the formulation, packaging and the person who chooses the product at the end, it’s a much more intentional journey.

Because it’s handmade with natural ingredients, the soaps themselves look and feel far more interesting and exciting. Each soap is completely personal to whoever chooses it, which is a far better way to shop and cleanse your body. It also makes natural soap a much more thoughtful gift than grabbing some mass-market toiletries to offer.

Good For The Environment

Another wonderful benefit of natural soap is that it’s much better for the environment. Because it uses natural ingredients, there’s far less of a negative impact on nature and the world around us than when you use synthetic ingredients. 

Soap that’s made of synthetic ingredients coats the body in synthetic compounds that don’t naturally break down when they wash down the drain. These chemicals then end up in the water systems, damaging the natural ecosystem and the wildlife, fish and flowers that rely on it.

Using organic, natural soap means that you aren’t contributing to this damage and destruction of nature. You’re using handmade soap that’s great for the body and the wider world and supporting a business that wants to make the world a better place.

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