Why French Milled Soap Is a Better Bar

Nowadays, people care more about their skin’s health. It’s important to know which products are best. Soap is essential for skin care, but there are differences between the manufacturing processes for certain kinds that are more beneficial to a person’s skin. The French milled or triple milled manufacturing process has long been considered a step above others in terms of luxury soap products. Continue reading to find out why.

Soap Bar

The Process

The French milled soap wholesale process starts with mixing fatty acids, like fat or oil, with soda, creating a basic soap mixture through what’s called “saponification.” This cold-processed mixture is left to dry and is later shredded. It’s then run through a series of roller and micro meshes. The term “French triple milled soap” stems from this process being repeated three times. The resulting paste is molded into many desired shapes, since it is more pliable than other soap.

Better for Sensitive Skin

Since French milled soap for sale is made with natural colors and fragrances, you can ensure it will reap benefits in terms of skin care. But those benefits come from the processing itself. The curing process of French milling removes traces of lye in the soap. Lye, if left without going through saponification, will leave the soap with tendencies to bond to skin oils, which can trap dirt and grease. French milling removes these traces of lye, and the soap, after rinsing, ensures that dirt and grease is gone. This is very beneficial to those with oily or sensitive skin, or those with skin allergies.

It's Long-Lasting

This kind of soap is harder, which means it will last for more washes, since less is dissolved each use. This also means the scent lasts longer and its creamy texture will remain more consistent. The processing still ensures a rich, smooth lather, with a more luxurious feel than bargain soaps. If you’re looking to get rid of your regular soap or shower gel, look into places where you can buy French milled soaps, like australiansoap.com.

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