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What's So Great about French Milled Soap?

Posted by Colleen Peritz on

French milled soap is a common staple of beauty stores nowadays, from your local gift shop to online purveyors of natural beauty products. But why is French milled soap so widespread now? What's so special about this soap? Is it just called "French" to sound fancy? Here's what you need to know about these products and where you can find the best French milled soap.

The Process

You'll find French milled soap at a price beyond most other soaps on the market. While some products, like candles, are being priced highly due to their popularity, French milled soap is more expensive for a reason. It comes down how it's made, a process of extreme care and quality.

First, the soap is made though it's regular methods, imbuing lye, water, and fragrance into a mixture, then allowing it to dry. French milled soap is usually made of natural products like goat's milk and natural lavender, rather than chemicals you'll find in cheap grocery store soaps. However, French milled soap is allowed to age. Once it dries to the point of being grainy, it undergoes an additional process. While other soaps are ready to hit the stores, French milled soap requires more care for ultimate benefits to the body.

The dried soap is shredded or crushed, then melted slowly over a low heat source. Once it's melted, it's poured back into molds to re-harden into a beautiful shape. This is the "milling" process, rooted in French countryside processes. French milled soap can be milled multiple times. Each time it's milled, it increases in quality.

The Benefits

When you buy French milled soap for sale online, you'll notice that it's harder and less watery than other soaps. That's because when it's milled, the moisture evaporates and it concentrates. There are many benefits of buying this type of soap. First of all, it lasts longer because it doesn't melt away like traditional soaps do. It will also look more beautiful. Water dilutes color and causes unappealing streaks and lumps in soap. The soap will also feel smoother on the body.

Best of all, though, are the more concentrated benefits. Most soaps include products like oatmeal and goat's milk that make the skin smooth and supple. However, traditional soaps dilute these beneficial products with water. Concentrated French milled soap has more benefits per ounce for smoother, more youthful skin, and more. You can find the best French milled soap online. Find companies that focus on natural soaps made through natural processes for the most benefits and fewer harsh chemicals.

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Why You Should Switch to Natural Soaps

Posted by Sam Rueckert on

It’s easy to drive to your local pharmacy and pick up a bar of soap, but you would be doing yourself a disservice. Commercial soaps are full of chemicals that damage and dehydrate your skin. Instead, you should make the switch to natural soaps. Here are some of the best reasons why you should be purchasing natural wholesale bulk bar soap.

Better Ingredients

Regular bars of soap contain lots of harsh ingredients that can strip your skin of the nutrients it needs. These chemicals can dehydrate your skin and cause acne breakouts. On the other hand, natural soaps are made from higher quality, natural ingredients. These ingredients are minimally processed and chock full of nutrients and antioxidants that your skin needs.

Sensitive on Your Skin

The ingredients in natural soaps are also much milder than commercial soaps. This is great news for people with sensitive skin. Sometimes, harsh chemicals can cause an allergic reaction in the form of hives, rash, or worse. However, this is not the case with natural wholesale soaps bars. Also, natural soaps do not contain fragrances, which often irritate sensitive skin.

Naturally Hydrating

Natural soaps are often made out of vegetable glycerin, a plant-based oil that is extracted from coconut, palm nut, or soybeans. This oil is chock full of triglyceride strains that add nutrients into all of the layers of your skin. Natural soap is mild but it still smooths the skin and prevents loss of moisture. Regular soaps are unable to achieve this because glycerin is an expensive ingredient. For this reason, commercial soaps are full of synthetic ingredients that are meant to moisturize and protect. However, vegetable glycerin does a much better job of restoring moisture and smoothness to the skin.

Larger Variety

Many believe that they will have fewer choices if they decide to purchase natural soap. This, however, is simply not true. There are hundreds of different varieties of natural soaps made of various combinations of herbs, essential oils, and other ingredients. When browsing through bulk bar soap at wholesale prices, you will see a wide range of citrusy, spicy, floral and more scents to choose from.

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The Benefits of French Milled Soap

Posted by Colleen Peritz on

If you're the kind of person who finds the quality of the soaps found at your local drugstore or everyday supermarkets a bit lackluster and don't mind spending a little coin, then French milled soaps are most likely for you. French (or triple) milled soap was developed in the 18th century. The manufacturing process of French milled soap creates a higher density, which means it outlasts average soaps and ultimately gives you a better bang for your buck.

French Milled Soap's Background


Soap, in general, has been around in some form or the other since somewhere around 3000 B.C. At its core, soap is made from fat like olive oil or shea butter, or an alkali like lye. The process, known as saponification, converts the fat mixture into forms of soap. Once hard, the soap is then grated into pearls. In the case of French milled soaps, manufacturers roll and press the soap three or more times until paste forms. They then put the paste into soap molds, where they allow it to harden.

Benefits of French Milled Soap

Purchasing French milled soap means you have a soap with fewer impurities. To the touch, these soaps have an incredibly smooth texture. It is immediately evident that the product you hold in your hand is of a higher caliber of quality. In addition, these soaps are usually made with natural, skin-soothing ingredients as well as natural fragrances, such as essential oils, instead of chemically derived additives that can be harsh on the body.

Common Misconceptions

Unfortunately, a French milled soap can't be produced in a homemade-style manufacturing environment. For these soaps, a true commercial milling machine is required. From time to time, you will find people selling handmade French milled soaps claiming that they are the real thing but in actuality are using a process known as rebatching. Although rebatch soaps are of quality in their own way, the fact is they do not compare to the quality level of a true French milled soap. You can easily tell the difference between French-milled and rebatch by inspecting the soap's glossiness and smoothness of texture.

If you're interested in finding out more about where to find French milled  soap bars wholesale or other wholesale soaps, contact Australian Natural Soap for more info.

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Bar Soap vs. Body Wash - Which Is Best?

Posted by Colleen Peritz on

In this day and age of choices and comparisons, the options available for your shower can be overwhelming. Shampoos, conditioners, deep hydrating treatments, face treatments, razors, shaving products, scrubs, oils, and more can make their way into your shower and your routine before you even realize what happened. Even when you try to take it back to the basics and simply select something with which you can clean your body, the choices seem endless. For many people, that choice begins with the classic debate: body wash or bar soap? Read on to compare the two, learn about the best French milled soap, and decide which option is the best for your needs.


Cleaning Ability

To start off, you have to consider the reason people use soap and body wash—to get clean. In this category, both options get the job done. Both come in high and low-end products, and you can choose where you’d like to be on that spectrum.


The main complaint that people have against bar soap is that it is so drying. This complaint stems from cheap soaps that do, in fact, contain drying agents and aren’t ideal for many adults. Modern bars of soap, however, contain ingredients like aloe, botanical oils, and glycerin that hydrate just as well as any body wash. French milled soap that you can buy online, for example, is generally more hydrating, lathering, and luxurious than body wash.


There is the common misconception that sharing bar soap or leaving it in the warm, wet shower make it a breeding ground for germs. Studies have shown this to be untrue. In fact, using bar soap is more hygienic than the loofahs and sponges that generally accompany liquid body washes.


Natural soap bars are made from 100% plant oils (no animal fats). Body wash is primarily water with various synthetic ingredients to create lather and remove oils from your skin. With French milled natural soap bars you pay for plant oils that last a long time while providing a moisturizing cleaning experience. With body wash the largest cost is the packaging/container and the contents are primarily water!

Other Considerations

While personal preference will always win out, there are a few more common considerations. Bar soap gets reduced to slippery little slivers, wasting those last few washes. Body washes tend to take up more space in your shower. Bar soap doesn’t travel as well. In general, your personal preference should dictate your shopping choices.

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The Benefits and Uses of Shea Butter Soap

Posted by Colleen Peritz on

For centuries, shea butter soap has been used to naturally moisturize and replenish skin. Made from the karite tree nut in Western Africa, shea butter is rich in vitamins and fatty acids. Since ancient times, African women have harvested the tree's nuts, crushing them down, boiling the contents, and then extracting the butter. The fatty and rich butter obtained from the nut quickly absorbs into the body, naturally enriching the hair and skin, all without the requirement of chemicals or artificial additives. If you're interested in finding out more about shea butter soap, here are four natural benefits.


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